Key steps to prepare your business for tendering – Part 2

By Kate Burrows, Managing Director Tender Training College

In this series, I provide you with the key steps to ensure you have the right business foundations in place before you commit to the tender process.   

This will save you valuable time and money when responding to tenders and to increase your chances of success.  

In case you missed it, you can read part one of my article and the first three steps here:

In this second part, I look at three more steps that will get your business tender-ready and that focus on highlighting your company’s capability. 

Step 4: Review your online presence

recently reviewed a client’s tender response prior to submission – the company was bidding to supply cleaning services for major stadium events. 

I looked at their website to get an understanding of their experience in this area but I couldn’t find anything on their event cleaning expertise or performance.  

The client who is evaluating the tender may also do the same due diligence. 

You want to make sure your online presence reflects your capability in the area you are bidding for. Review and update your website and other online material to reflect this. 

Step 5: Review your capability brochure

Often business owners are asked to submit a capability statement with their tender responses. 

You want to make sure your capability brochure is up-to-date and will complement the tender response. This means:

  • Include recent project references 
  • Include current team members 
  • Ensure your information is consistent with and adds value to what is in your tender document 
  • Ensure the document is well formatted and presents a professional image of you company. 

Consider that this document might need to change depending on what type of contract you are bidding for, so that the information is always relevant to the tender 

Step 6: Develop a strong value proposition

You want all of your documentation, e.g. tender response, capability brochure, to highlight the benefits of doing business with your company. 

Put your client hat on and think about the key and unique features of your service offering. Ask yourself – what benefit do these features deliver to the client? 

Drawing out these key features and benefits will help you set the foundation for a client-focused and top-scoring tender response.  

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