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About Tender Training College

We specialise in quality online and classroom tender training to be successful in the Australian and New Zealand tendering markets. 

You can expect to see effective and immediate results in the real-life tendering environment once completing our targeted training programs.

That’s because we teach you only the most relevant skills and competencies that you require. 

Our courses are designed to meet your specific learning requirements, e.g. tender writing, and the type of tenders you normally complete.

Individuals can opt for the flexibility and convenience of online study, with courses designed for professionals in either small to medium businesses, or larger companies. Study on any device, in your own time!

We also provide customised tender training for companies and groups. That means, we develop a tender training program that meets the specific learning requirements of your people. This can be delivered online or in-house, or, a combination of both.

We provide a highly personalised approach from helping you determine your tender training requirements, supporting your study, and helping you as you tender. 


Online tender training specialist

Our story

Tender Training College  was launched in 2017.  We pride ourselves on being the first dedicated online tender training centre in Australia and New Zealand. 

Since then, we have helped individuals from both small and large business to improve their tendering skills.

We have also delivered our quality tender training programs in-house to both small and large businesses, including multinational companies Transdev Australasia and CPB Contractors.

The College was founded by one of Australia’s most successful tender management consultants, Kate Burrows.

“I coached hundreds of professionals in tendering over the past 15 years. I kept seeing them make the same mistakes and knew there had to be a more effective way to help them improve their performance and enhance their professional development.”

“There was also a lack of competency-based tender training that provided tangible learning outcomes. I am pleased to say we can now provide professionals with the exact skills they need to improve their tender skills and knowledge,” Kate said. 

Our courses are designed and developed by our team which has a significant depth of experience in tenders and e-learning.

Why train with us

Secure your future

The vision of the Tender Training College is to help individuals and companies to secure their futures. We empower professionals with the tendering skills to secure their current positions, or find new employment possibilities. Our tender training for businesses and groups target specific areas to improve  tender win rates and secure new business.

The Tender Training College courses utilise real life tender scenarios, and are game-based to ensure they are relevant and engaging to today’s business environment.

The Tender Training College is a values-based organisation.

The following values serve to achieve our vision:

  • Integrity – course content that is relevant and continually updated to meet the requirements of the Australian and New Zealand tender industry
  • Quality – our customers will receive excellent support, superior learning outcomes and optimal value for money
  • Credibility – our team consists of industry specialists with significant depth and experience in tenders and e-learning
  • Leadership – we are committed to remaining Australia’s online tender training specialist and a leader in tender training.

Successful strategies

The Tender Training College was established to provide professionals with the knowledge and skills required to win government or private sector tenders.
Our courses will provide you with proven strategies and frameworks to unravel the complex world of tenders and shine.
These formulas have been successfully applied to win more than $25 billion in tenders.
They have been benchmarked against international best practice in tendering.
And they can be readily applied to enable you or your business to produce winning tenders, time and time again.

Personalised customer support

The Tender Training College is a values-based organisation

At the core of our business, is our vision and commitment to help people empower themselves with new skills and capabilities.

To achieve this, the Tender Training College guarantees excellent customer support from the initial contact with our organisation, through to enrolment, online study and beyond. This means:

  • Efficient and courteous response to customer enquiries
  • Readily available support
  • A learning experience which is targeted and relevant, while being informative and engaging
  • A commitment to continuous improvement reflecting customer feedback and industry best practice.

Superior learning outcomes

Our courses are developed and designed with competency-based training and assessments.
You will be awarded a certificate from the Tender Training College upon completion.
We employ tender subject matter experts, qualified trainers and instructional designers to ensure our courses:

The Tender Training College only offers online training courses for professionals participating in tendering. That’s what makes us the specialist in online tender training.

  • Meet the specific skill requirements of the Australian and New Zealand tender markets
  • Can be effectively applied to your next tender
  • Meet specific performance and evaluation criteria.

Engaging, targeted and convenient

The courses are packaged into modules focused on key areas of tendering. You can select which course is most relevant for your requirements.
Our courses utilise real tender scenarios to ensure they are relevant and engaging to today’s business environment. 

Courses can be completed on all major devices, at your own pace.

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