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Tender training courses for beginners

Whether in a small or large business, if you are new to tenders, bids and proposals we have an introductory tender training course designed for you. Our Tender Fundamentals courses are suitable for tender beginners in small to medium businesses, while the Introduction to Tenders and Tendering Certificate has been designed for those producing larger tenders.

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What our students are saying

Meet your instructor

Kate Burrows, Founder and Managing Director

Kate founded and launched the Tender Training College to help people and businesses secure their futures after more than a decade as one of Australia’s most successful tender management consultants.

“I have helped clients win more than $25 billion in government tenders across Australia and New Zealand.”

“Tenders are not won by accident. You need people with the right knowledge and capabilities to effectively contribute to the tendering process.”

Kate is supported by a number of e-learning consultants and other tender subject matter experts to produce tender writing and other courses covering the tendering process.

“We are leading a new era for the tender industry by offering online courses with superior learning outcomes targeted specifically at the requirements for the Australian tender industry.”

Kate has more than 20 years of experience in business, supporting some of Australia’s largest companies in the finance, infrastructure, professional services, engineering, human services and transport sectors.