Improve your tender writing skills


Avoid common tender writing mistakes

The Tender Writing Certificate is an online course focused entirely on the skills and capabilities to improve your tender writing.

It is designed for business professionals who are required to write an answer to a tender question, or, multiple tender questions as part of a small-to-medium tender (up to value of approximately $300,000).

The certificate addresses the key mistakes business professionals make when tender writing, including:

  • Only answering part of the question
  • Not properly understanding what the question is asking
  • Not addressing the tender compliance requirements
  • Not answering the question directly and/or with sufficient detail
  • Poorly structuring the response
  • Not clearly communicating the benefits to the client
  • Not using language that convinces the client you are the best tenderer.

We provide you with a step-by-step process and practical tips to answer tender questions completely, compliantly, comprehensively and compellingly.

At the end of the Tender Writing Certificate, you will receive a Certificate of Completion.

Tender Writing Certificate



Is this Certificate for me?

The Tender Writing Certificate is designed for professionals who are required to answer single, or, multiple questions as part of a small or medium tender response.

These tenders are normally valued around $300,000 and usually of a couple of weeks in duration.

You may be the only person on your tender team, or part of a small team.

The Tender Writing Certificate is suited to professionals in a wide variety of roles, and is applicable to multiple industries.

If you are new to tenders, we recommend the Tender Fundamentals Certificates 1 and 2 as prior learning.

Learn through an example tender

In the Tender Writing Certificate, you will assist Julie, an Operations Manager, to respond to a question in an example RFP.  

You will help Julie analyse her question to understand what it’s asking, identify the relevant tender requirements and then write her response using the Tender Training College’s proprietary Tender Writing Checklist.

You will obtain a copy of the Tender Writing Checklist and course notes to help you apply the skills and understanding you gain from this course to future tenders.

Our competency based training and assessments means you will be tested on your knowledge throughout each module.

This means the learnings from the Tender Writing Certificate are embedded, and you become more efficient and effective at writing tender responses.

Four modules to improve your tender writing skills

The Tender Writing Certificates focuses on the skills required to actually write a top-scoring tender response. This includes understanding the question, identifying the detail to answer it, and writing it in a way that is easy and engaging to read and score.

Through completion of the four modules in this Tender Writing Certificate, you will learn to:

Module 1: Plan a complete response

  • Analyse the question to understand what it is asking
  • Identify all parts of the question to answer it completely
  • Overcome common difficulties with tender questions.

Module 2: Develop a compliant response

  • Identify relevant tender requirements and show how you will meet them
  • Identify relevant evaluation criteria and apply them to the question.

Module 3: Structure a comprehensive response

  • Design a response using a clear structure
  • Write a strong introduction with a direct answer
  • Provide the detail to answer comprehensively
  • Create order and flow of information.

Module 4: Write a compelling response:

  • Write for a wide-ranging audience
  • Learn how to demonstrate and substantiate, and communicate benefits
  • Create easy-to-read sentences
  • Use correct spelling, grammar and punctuation.

Frequently Asked Questions

This course is AUD $375, including GST.

You can complete the Tender Writing Certificates at your own pace. Typically, it takes between 3-4 hours to complete.

The length of time required to complete the course may vary depending on your skill level, your previous experience and level of computer literacy.

This course is delivered online via the Tender Training College’s e-learning system. You can access this at any time.

Knowledge checks are conducted throughout the course and you will complete a Final Assessment at the end of each module. A certificate will be awarded at the completion of the course and when you gain an 80% pass in each of the Final Assessments.

The Tender Fundamentals Certificates 1 and 2 as prior learning.

Yes we do. You can phone us on 1300 414 000.

You will require an Internet connection and speakers to complete the course.

Or if you have any further questions not covered here or want to chat with us, contact our Customer Service Excellence Team.

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Or if you have any further questions not covered here or want to chat with us, contact our Customer Excellence Team.