Independent constructive tender reviews

Do you have a must-win tender?

An essential part of the bidding process is a thorough review the response before it is submitted. If you fail to adequately review your response, you risk:

  • Only partly answering a question, or responding with insufficient detail
  • Leaving out mandatory information
  • Failing to address the specific tender requirements
  • Submitting a poorly written response which is difficult to understand and score.

The above can mean reflect badly on your business, and reduce your chances of scoring top marks – and ultimately, winning the bid. 

Our independent tender review service provides feedback to improve your submission to ensure it is of the highest quality and to give you the best chance of success.

Our tender specialists review your tender against a set criteria in a timely manner before the deadline. You will receive a written report with constructive feedback to improve your response and address any missing elements.

You have the opportunity to clarify the review comments with the tender specialist within 24 hours of receiving the evaluation.

Audit of past tenders

Our tender review service can be applied to  previously submitted responses to identify areas of improvement against best practise bidding.

Often it is difficult to see where you are going wrong if you are caught in the tender cycle. That is where our independent review comes in.

A tender specialist will provide a written evaluation against a criteria that are required for a winning tender submission. 

From here, we can assist you to identify areas that you need to focus on to improve your chances of success. 

What our customers say

Confidential, convenient and adds capability

Our tender review service provides you with the convenience and accessibility of an independent review whether you are preparing a complete tender, or responding to a single question.

Importantly, your tender responses will remain confidential.

Our reviewers are tender specialists, who have conducted tender reviews and evaluations for many private and public companies across a multitude of industries.

Not only will you build your tendering capability through the evaluation feedback process, it will also help you embed a review process which is an important component of a high quality submission.

Terms and conditions

Please refer to Terms of Trade for further conditions of the review.

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