Tender Fundamentals Certificates 1 & 2


Course overview

Enrol in both Tender Fundamentals Certificates 1 & 2, and obtain the knowledge and skills to understand the tendering basics.

These two courses are designed for professionals from small and medium-sized companies and who are new to tenders, or want a refresh in the tender fundamentals.

Total study for the two modules is between 2 and 3 hours.

Tender Fundamentals Certificate 1 provides the essential knowledge and practical tips to apply to your next tender, and the capabilities to develop a client-focused response. 

In the Certificate, you will learn:

Module 1: Client’s Tendering Process

  • The purpose of tenders and tendering
  • The client’s tendering process
  • Factors impacting a client’s decision on whether to issue a tender
  • What clients are looking to achieve through tendering
  • Types of tender documents
  • Core components of a typical tender document
  • How a tender is evaluated. 

Tender Fundamentals Certificate 2 provides the essential knowledge and practical tips to produce more effective and efficient tender responses.

In the Certificate, you will learn:

Module 1: Bidding Party’s Tendering Process

  • What is a bidding party?
  • The bidding party’s tendering process
  • The key requirements for a compliant response
  • Key factors bidding parties consider when determining whether to bid
  • How to avoid the tender horror stories
  • The key deliverables which comprise a winning bid
  • How a winning response is submitted.


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