Tender Essentials PLUS+ Package


Overview of package

Save money with the Tender Fundamentals PLUS+ package, which includes the following three online courses to assist you with your tender preparation:

Tender Fundamentals Certificates 1 & 2 allows you obtain the knowledge and skills to understand the tendering fundamentals and assist with preparing tender responses.

These two courses are designed for professionals from small and medium-sized companies and who are new to tenders, or want a refresh in the tender fundamentals.

Tender Writing Certificate is focused on the skills and capabilities to improve your tender writing.

You will learn a step-by-step process to respond to an example tender question.

You will obtain a copy of the Tender Writing Checklist and course notes to apply the skills and understanding you gain to future tenders.

We will also show you how to avoid the common mistakes business professionals make when tender writing.

The Tender Pricing Fundamentals Certificate provides you with the essential skills and knowledge of pricing a bid for government or private sector tenders.

This online course is designed for professionals who are new to pricing tenders and who want to start developing winning bid costs.

This course has been designed by a tender pricing specialist and features engaging videos to make the learning entertaining and enjoyable.


Total course cost:


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