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Tender Essentials Workshop

Tender Writing Masterclass

ONE DAY COURSE – for professionals new to tendering

Learn a proven approach to preparing a tender response, with a step-by-step process and practical tips for developing a high-quality proposal. This course is suited to professionals who are new to tendering, as it covers the fundamental elements to start bidding effectively. You will understand how a tender is evaluated, the various components of a bid document, the key elements to manage a proposal, an overview of how to develop the key deliverables and how to format a high quality proposal.

ONE DAY COURSE – for professionals with some tendering experience

Improve your tender writing skills and avoid the common mistakes with this one-day course. A follow-on to the Tender Essentials Workshop, this masterclass will provide you with a proven, step-by-step process to make tender writing easier, and more efficient and effective. 

This workshop will teach you how to develop a client-focused response, how to ensure you bid is compliant, how to answer questions completely and compellingly, and make it easier to read evaluate, and score top marks.

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Meet your instructor

Kate Burrows, Founder and Managing Director

Kate founded and launched the Tender Training College to help people and businesses secure their futures after more than a decade as one of Australia’s most successful tender management consultants.

She is a tender trainer, with more than 15 years’ experience in tendering and coaching business professionals to improve their tender performance.

Kate has trained both small and large businesses in tendering across a range of industries, such as construction, transport, professional services, allied health and disability services.

“I have helped clients win more than $25 billion in government tenders across Australia and New Zealand.”

“Tenders are not won by accident. You need people with the right knowledge and capabilities to effectively contribute to the tendering process.”

Kate has more than 20 years of experience in business, supporting some of Australia’s largest companies in the finance, infrastructure, professional services, engineering, human services and transport sectors.

Some of the tenders Kate has worked on include the Federal Government’s Air Warfare Destroyer Program, Sydney Light Rail, Melbourne Metro Tunnel and Western Sydney Airport.

Her clients include international and local companies, such as Lend Lease, CPB Contractors, Transdev Australasia, Hyundai Rotem and Downer EDI.

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